1960s Formula 1 / Grand Prix Graphics

The best source of 1960s Formula 1 / Grand Prix Graphic art turns out to be the PR/ Advertising stickers handed out track-side. These usually end up on toolboxes, helmets or windows.

Groovy examples of pop-art, speed & style!$(KGrHqMOKpgE7GVH2S9uBPvQs6yNew~~60_57 $_12 (1) $_12 $_57 (1) $_57 (2) $_57 (3) $_57 (4) $_57 (5) $_57 (6) $_57 (7) $_57 (8) $_57 (10) $_57 (11) $_57 (12) $_57 (13) $_57 (15) $_57 (17) $_57 (18) $_57 (19) $_57 (20) $_57 (21) $_57 (22) $_57 (23) $_57 (24) $_57 (25) $_57 (26) $_57 (28) $_57 (29) $_57 (30) $_57 (31) $_57 $_12111 1_a9cf5b42203f33b9e63f5316988255f2 1d-1970-le-mans-24-hour-original-car-sticker-14 534_001 604_001 864_001 12233 bbb gauloises 02 Vintage sticker -  MOTORCYCLE-74 BLOGSPOT COM copy xx

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Moto GP Art: Speed & Style

Moto GP became the Grand Prix of racing style in the 1970s.

The fairing of the bikes became as colorful as the Racers.

Only the Europeans can take an Iron Horse and race it like a Thoroughbred!

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SoCal: California Dreamin

Southern California is a paradise of beaches, cars & ladies.

A scenic drive up US-1 / PCH Pacific Coast Highway from Laguna to Big Sur is how a man and machine can bond.

Stops at shake-shacks and dips into Laguna Beach with surfer Gals add to the pleasure.

Songs have been written: Hotel California, California Dreamin & Galifornia Girls….

From Newport Beach to Sunset Blvd; from Scotch at Whisky-a-GoGo to the Troubadour,  to late Lunch at Chateau Marmont’s Garden to sunset Cocktails poolside at SkyBar or The Standard deck, to waking up at The Sunset Towers with a California Blonde.

Cali is a Classic!

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Leroy Neiman: Artist, Playboy & Bon Vivant

Leroy Neiman embodied the best of Modern Man….a Man who lived his Art.

World famous artist of the good life: from the races at Ascot, to the Swinging streets of London’s Carnaby St, to the Place du Casino Monaco and the finish line at Le Mans…

For Playboy he created Femlin, a curvaceous brunette who cavorted across the page in thigh-high stockings, high-heeled shoes, opera gloves and nothing else.

He wrote, painted, traveled the world, and lived as many Men dream a Playboy should.


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All American Sports Car

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The Corvette is an American Icon: introduced in the 1950s….as Americas first Sports Car.

For 6 decades it has been a winner from sales on Main St. to Daytona, to winning Le Mans.

Its iconic style: longhood, short-deck; coke-bottle feminine curves and massive horsepower, lets it dominate the racetracks of Europe and was the chosen ride home for the Apollo Astronauts.

I just got my 2012.

Its an American Classic.

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Garage as Gallery

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Banners from famed Grand Prix circuits and Vintage Sponsors to glorify an iconic racers battles and epic lineage.

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007 @ Movies

007 had the style, threads, and ladies….

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